SelfCare Morning Routine

+ Resist the snooze + Drink a full glass of water 

+ Say affirmations +Stretch +Meditate 

+Exercise +Journal +Read

+Enjoy a cup of tea +Put away your phone

The Wellness Watering Place

Personal SelfCare Ideas

+Take a detox bath +Try a face mask

+Walk in nature +Get a massage

+Have a talk with a trusted source +Get a mani/pedi

+Buy yourself something nice +Take a nap 

+Meet up with friends +Give someone hug

+Try something new +Take a trip

+Make a vision board +Do a digital detox

+Dress up and take pictures +Take yourself on a date


*Set boundaries *Be gentle with yourself *Speak words of encouragement to yourself 

*Accept a compliment *Find things to be grateful for *Cry if you need to, it's a way to release 

*Set goals *Enjoy every step of life *love yourself